Friday, November 26, 2010

MSC Malaysia Job Camp - 100% Free Sponsorship IT Training

Posted by FadhDeela at 9:10 AM
Thanks friend bg info...
waaahhh menarik giler nie!!! *aku nie dah mcm ejen cr keje lak..hihihi* aku br dpt email dr aku punye provider diaorg offer training FREE utk penanam anggur, student IT yg dah gradute & student practical...*aku suka kongsi ngan org ape yg menarik*


MSC Malaysia Job Camp – 100% Free Sponsorship IT TrainingJob camp is designed specifically for any knowledge worker who wants to improve or expand their current ICT skills and knowledge. This program seeks to help knowledge workers with the support and access to courses and trainings to stay aligned with the current needs of the ICT industry.

Who can Participate / Eligibility:

1. Available K-Workers (currently unemployed, in-between jobs, changing fields, retrenched)
2. Malaysian graduates with a degree or diploma with CGPA 2.5
3. IT/Engineering Academic Background or IT work experience
4. Anyone who is interested to pursue a career in the ICT industry
5. Only applicable for Malaysian citizens

Upcoming Job Camp Courses:

Course: Java Web Component Development with Servlet and JSP Technologies
Duration: 26 days
Date: 13th December 2010 - 14th January 2011

Course: Oracle 11g Database Administrator
Duration: 18 days
Date: 20 December 2010 - 12th January 2011

Course: Window Server 2008 System Administration
Duration: 16 days
Date: 13th - 31st December 2010

:: sape berminat bgtau aku pm YM aku then aku akan bg maklumat yg lebih details and contact person yg incharge...jgn lepaskan peluang nie!!!! FREE jer



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